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Channel Care

Ductal treatment is the removal of a small, thread-like touch, ie, dissection, in the center of the tooth. When the damaged, diseased or dying pulp is removed, the remaining space is cleaned, shaped and refilled. This action closes the root canal. Years ago, the diseased or damaged teeth were removed. Today, in canal treatment, even the missing teeth can be rescued. If the pulp is infected or dead, if it is not treated, the pus-forming pus in the jaw may accumulate at the root of the tooth. Abyss can cause pain by destroying the bone surrounding the tooth. The treated teeth and teeth can be used for a lifetime with proper mouth and dental care. Oral care and regular dental examinations are necessary to prevent further problems that may occur in the future, as the treated tooth may become caries again.


The treated tooth becomes fragile and becomes more susceptible to fracture as the pulp that keeps the tooth alive no longer exists. This is important when you decide to apply a crown or filler after the canal treatment.


The most commonly used method to check the success or failure of canal therapy is to compare the x-rays taken before the treatment with the x-rays taken newly. This comparison will show whether bone loss continues, or whether the bone is reshaping.

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