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Duplicated Lamina

The duplicated lamina dental work, which is a recent application of the esthetic dentistry field, offers many advantages to the patient’s satisfaction. We can list these advantages as follows; I do not want to interrupt the exchange !! Aesthetic teeth with uncut teeth without cutting teeth;

In aesthetic dentistry, one of the most common questions among dentists is “can an aesthetic tooth be made without cutting teeth?” Many athletic dentists demand dental prosthesis without any intervention, without prejudging their teeth in terms of dental health. It was almost impossible to do uncut tooth restoration in terms of aesthetic dentistry up to the near future. With the Duplicated Lamina Teeth which is one of the latest application methods, your dentist can prepare aesthetic tooth laminate (leaf tooth, leaf porcelain tooth, lamina, lamina tooth cover) by taking only measurements without interfering with your teeth. So the patient can go to the rehearsal sessions shortly after the stress life.

Without fear of dentist, dentist stress and fear of dental appliances Aesthetic tooth

The biggest problem of the dentist is dental treatment, dental fear and anxiety which are affected by the instruments used during dental treatment and the voice of the instruments used during dental treatment. In particular, there are methods of suggestion developed and practiced by dentists for disease-specific studies and fear of dentistry. These types of treatments, which prolong the duration of treatment and delay treatment planning, are not needed for new methods applied without cutting, without intervention, without cutting. With this innovative method, aesthetic teeth work such as Duplicated Lamina, Porcelain Lamina tooth (leaf tooth, leaf porcelain tooth, lamina, lamina tooth covering) can now be made more comfortable. The importance of transparent studies in aesthetic dentistry

In esthetic dentistry studies, color and light reflections are mainly solved in solving. The choice of color should be done carefully and meticulously in order to achieve the aesthetic tooth target requested by the patient.

The most important factor affecting color selection is the light fragility of the material used. Natural and aesthetic dental work can be caught with the light of the material. Duplicated laminates (porcelain laminar teeth, leaf teeth, leaf porcelain teeth, lamina, lamina tooth cover) are produced with only porcelain powders and without prosthesis design. Thus, the aesthetic tooth color base color is taken from the natural color of the tooth and the desired tooth color is matched with the porcelain layers. With this method, both an aesthetic tooth is obtained and a natural looking dental prosthesis is applied when viewed from the outside.

Duplicated Lamina in aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is a dentistry approach that also gives importance to the appearance of the patient’s teeth. The more functional approach to the posterior teeth is important, while the functional and aesthetic state of the teeth that appear from the opposite side in the front teeth or, in other words, during the smile are examined and designed.

Duplicated Lamina (Porcelain Lamina tooth, leaf tooth, leaf porcelain tooth, lamina, lamina tooth coating) is the first aim in practice to obtain a more aesthetic tooth without disturbing the patient’s natural tooth texture and color. The newly designed image is obtained by applying a layer of sheet of suitable porcelain powders to a layer of glass which can be measured with microns, determined by the common decision of the patient and the physician. With this natural tooth-based application, the reflected light from the tooth reflects the color image that is absorptive as it passes through the porcelain layers. Patient and physician cooperation and empathy are extremely important and effective in choosing this color. It is one of the most useful tools to perform the purpose of aesthetic dentistry Duplicated Lamina (Porcelain Lamina tooth, leaf tooth, leaf porcelain tooth, lamina, lamina tooth covering)

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