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The implant is the closest alternate to the natural teeth today, and the implanted tooth provides better speech and chewing function than traditional bridges and prostheses. The implant method also brings a natural look to your face. Today it is understood that the implant is the most dental treatment to be done in the 21st century. The implant is an artificial tooth root placed in the jawbone and made from the appropriate material to restore function and aesthetics of missing teeth. Implant screws are structures that have a specific thickness and width. For this reason, in the region where implant placement is intended, the jawbone must have the height and width to accept this implant screw. The quality of the existing bone is also one of the factors affecting implant success. Also, as long as the implant remains in the mouth and before the treatment, the gums must be completely healthy. As long as the patient’s overall health condition is good, there is no upper age limit to prevent implantation, but the application of a very young patient whose bone development is incomplete may not be preferred.

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