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Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics, which means ‘art of correcting perturbed teeth’, is a special branch of dentistry which has a very important place although the necessity of it is not known yet.


Orthodontics is a medical field that examines the growth and development of the dental jaw and facial system, and examines the normal and abnormal cases.


There are two types of orthodontic treatment, fixed and mobile. It is the best period of treatment between 7-12 years. Mixed dentition is the period when both milk and permanent teeth are found. In this period, the procedures of the patients who started treatment can be solved with much easier methods. Even if there is a skeletal deformity, we can solve it again with orthognathic surgery methods. There is no age limit for orthodontic treatment. At every age, a healthy mouth can be treated in any situation where the surrounding tissues (gums and bone tissues) are healthy. Along with the development of technology, orthodontic treatment is not difficult but requires perseverance and patience. A definite process for orthodontic treatment can not be specified, it depends on the type of anomaly and the patient’s compliance. However, in young people a standard orthodontic treatment takes an average of 2 years, while in adult individuals this time is longer depending on the biological processes.


Following all orthodontic treatments, a secondary treatment period called “consolidation” is applied. It should not be forgotten that the treatment of the patient is not over yet. If the reinforcement treatment is not followed, the treatment is returned. Strengthening treatment can be continued with the wires attached to the back surface of the teeth, moving plates or transparent, plastic-based materials. This treatment can be discontinued after a period of time, or the initial irregularity can be sustained for too long, depending on the type of irritation.

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