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Pedodontic Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry, also known as Pediatric Dentistry, is the main science that aims to protect the health of the dairy and permanent teeth of children 0-14 years old and treat the diseases that occur.


All necessary dental treatments are applied by pedodontists to healthy and handicapped children. Especially in dental treatment of children under 4 years, children with long treatment duration and obstacles with growth retardation, general anesthesia treatment is frequently performed. The excellent oral and dental health of children can be achieved by regular dental check up every 6 months. Any problems that threaten oral and dental health can be detected during these checks. The important thing here is the early diagnosis and treatment of these problems. Early detection in a child will affect the child’s physical and emotional development positively.

The first examination in the child’s case begins with communication with both the child and the child’s parents. After you meet the patient’s medical and dental story. It is then passed to the clinical and radiographic examination. Patients and related family members are informed about diagnosis and treatment planning after these stages. Pedodontists apply a number of methods in particular to protect the milk factor and permanent teeth from major mouth diseases such as caries and periodontal diseases.


In our clinic, there is a playground for children, so we lift the taboo from your dentist’s dentist.

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