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Teeth whitening

One of the most eye-catching applications of aesthetic dentistry is tooth whitening, which is one of the most demanding methods in clinics in recent years. In the modern world, at the speed of rapid and difficult living flow, we can say that the first impression that people are communicating with and the effect they have on them, in other words, charisma, is one of the important components of external appearance. Especially when the opposite gender first considers the dialogue constantly, the religions facing human beings look at the teeth of the person as well as the body language as well as the body language and care about their teeth and they evaluate these observations unconsciously. This is why tooth color and aesthetics are an important first step when creating images.


Tooth whitening is also aimed at opening a few tones of the natural color of the tooth as well as stains on the teeth (coffee, cigarettes, acidic drinks). Dental stains are caused by the contamination of the rough surface of the acidic beverages by enamel surfaces, cigarette smoke, coffee, medications, transitions between embryological stages during labor. Sometimes the dentine texture, which is not calcified, also creates a stain image on the enamel surface.


With tooth whitening, the stains mentioned in the top paragraph are removed. By optimizing the tooth color that will affect the individual’s image, the desired image can be achieved.


Latest technology tooth whitening


Strong bleaching, which is frequently used in the recent periods, is performed in clinics with high hydrogen peroxide concentrations ranging from 17% to 38%. Bleaching agents and laser applications from the developing technology and chemical industry have also become nasibini and whitening applications have become safer and faster results. With the latest agents;

· The possibility of the agent to screen the pulp has been reduced

· Two sessions are possible in the same session by reducing the time between seeks

· A few trenches were opened shortly

· Rapid and up-to-date laser sessions and application times are shortened.


What To Do Before Tooth Whitening


Both sides should take some steps in whitening practice done with the coordination of the case doctor. These;

· The patient should be informed by the first examination and the situation of the coloring on the back should be explained and how the image will be obtained after bleaching

· Patient expectations should be clearly expressed

· Give care to the patient after bleaching

· The effect of the processes to be performed before the bleaching process and the purpose should be explained

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