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Zircon & Kron Coating

What is Zirconium Teeth?

Zirconium-supported fixed prostheses called “Zirconium teeth” are very advantageous compared to metal-supported prostheses in terms of aesthetics and durability. The zirconium element is white in color and it is very advantageous from aesthetic point of view because it reflects light. It is one of the most important biometrics in modern medical practice.

Constant prostheses built with zirconium support provide aesthetic advantages to the patient, especially in the frontal area. One of the important factors for aesthetics is to imitate natural teeth and draw tooth color to desired tones. The zirconium, which is simulated on the natural tooth, receives the natural tooth from underneath the tooth color source and catches the color tones close to the natural tooth due to the light reflections. Thanks to the interventions and dental procedures of the dentist and laboratory technicians, this light permeability advantage is further manipulated, resulting in a form very close to the natural tooth form, which in some studies is as natural as the unprofessional eyes can not discern.

What are the advantages of zirconium teeth?

The most important advantage of zirconium tooth coatings is to have a natural tooth appearance by regulating tooth colors. Porcelain teeth, unfortunately, this is not natural. If the zirconium tongue is a disturbing artificial image is eliminated by eliminating the patient a more prosperous image and smile design

Another advantage is biocompatibility. Researches on zirconium tooth coatings have not yet achieved a negative result. This is the most important reason why zirconium is preferred to modern envy. Zirconium-supported teeth are strongly recommended in patients with high metals in blood values ​​that are allergic to metals.

The last major advantage of zirconium is durability. Zirconium tooth coatings are extremely hard and durable, and such a reliable balance is uncommon in dental materials. While dental alloys are only hard or just durable, zirconium infrastructures offer both advantages. For example, metal-supported teeth can be edited with dental tools and zirconium-supported teeth can be arranged in a laboratory environment. The production can only be provided with cad glass machines.

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